Leica M10

Leica M10

The Leica M10 has just been launched and it is in effect a digital version of the M7. It has the same small dimensions and is in fact the smallest full frame camera leica have ever made. The controls have been simplified a much as possible. The back has just three buttons on the left side and the compass dial on the right. For the first time the ISO had it's own dedicated dial, where the film rewind lever was on its analogue predecessor. As soon as I can get hold of one I'll be making a case for the M10, so watch this space as they say.

Classic Cases from Royal Deeside

Classic cases has moved from one end of Britain to the other. We are now based on Royal Deeside in Scotland. It has been a major move with a workshop having to be renovated but all is up and running again. The top quality cases remain the same and of course the leather will continue to be the best English oak bark tanned, in fact the only oak bark tanned leather as J& FJ Bakers where it comes from are the only company still making it.

Leica Q Case for Leica Grip

Leica Q and Grip-001_01.JPG

Having just made my first case for a Leica Q to fit with the Leica grip attached I am now able to offer them as an option to those seeking a case for their Leica Q camera. The price is £190. Please contact me directly I can also offer them with a removable back for an extra £30.

I don't generally like grips on the Leica cameras but with the Leica Q being so small I find that the grip works for the Q. The case means that the handling generally for the Leica is much improved.

New Low Price M9 / M8 Cases

Leica M9 Eco-005. LOW.jpg

New more affordable cases for the Leica M8 M9 ME and Monochrome cameras. These machine stitched cases are made from the same leather as the hand stitch cases. Machine stitching makes production much quicker and therefore a much lower price of £65

Click on the thumbnails in the right hand column to take you to your choice of cases or straps

Macfilos Review Classic Case for leica Q

Leica Q Camera Case

Review: British-made Classic Case for Leica Q

Posted on September 9, 2015 by Mike Evans

The classic camera half case is as popular as ever. Few people these days want the other bit that covers the front of the camera; that is definitely a dated accessory. But any Leica owner will have cast eyes over a half case or, as Leica like to call them, camera protectors.

Leica Q Camera Case

Leica Q Camera Case Montage 2.jpg

The Leica Q camera cases are hand made in England from English leather by a qualified saddler and hand stitch throughout. Beautifully finished each case is a one - off and comes with your initials embossed on the base, a unique service from Classic Cases.

Visit our on-line shop to order:

Classic Cases for Leica Q

I will soon be offering hand made and hand stitched cases for the Leica Q. All cases will be made from the best quality english leather. To express your interest and pre - order please email me:

M240 Case For Thumbs Up

I am now making M240 cases to fit with a Thumbs Up attached. They are the same price as the standard M240 cases and are available in all the leather and lining options as the standard case.

If you are wondering what a Thumbs Up is and what it is for go to the companies home page to find out

Leica M 240 Camera Case Now available

Leica M 240 Camera Case

I am now offering a case for the Leica M 240 in all the usual colours that my other cases are made in. Also of course the same choice of pigskin linings. Ordering the cases is just as simple as ordering any of my cases. Just make your selections as you go through the site.

I will soon be offering the Leica M240 Case with a flap to cover the screen as is available for the Leica M9 and M8 cameras.

The flap will be a hinged flap, but if anyone would prefer a removable flap than please just email me. It can be done at no extra cost.

Now on Facebook

Leica Camera Cases Facebook v3.jpg

Classic Cases now has a Facebook page so take a look for up to date news. I'll also keep it up to date with delivery times as they change depending on the volume of orders I have at any given time.

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Made from the highest quality English leather, each case is a unique, individually crafted product that will protect your camera. Click the image below to see the care and craftsmanship involved in making of every case.

Case Making

Click on the photo below for an Audio/Slideshow of the tannery where Classic Cases leather comes from.

Click on the photo for an Audio/Slideshow of the tannery where Classic Cases leather comes from