September 2019 – Sparrowhawk and a Walk !

Sitting have my lunch a few weeks ago in my garden I was unexpectedly joined by a visitor. I heard nothing, not a sound, but looked up to see this femail sparrowhawk plucking away at a pigeon it had just that moment caught. No point in trying photograph this on my Leica M9 so I crawled in to my house and crept back out with my Nikon and a 400mm lens.

The Sparrowhawk eventually few off with the pigeon which allowed me to go back to my cheese sandwich and the very pleasant tranquility of my garden.

Just after the bird had landed in my garden
Some time later finally starting to get some food !

To the Lake District with my Leica M9

On a trip down south I decided to spend a couple of days walking in the English Lake District with my daughter. Our original plan was to walk up Helvellyn, a mountain ( well by English standards anyway ) in the centre of the national park. The rather wet and very windy weather forced us to take the 'low road' and instead do walk along the shore of Thirlemere lake.

A the virtually empty 'ferry' that took us to the start of our walk

My leica M9 accompanies me on virtually every trip I take away from home. Bought second hand in virtually mint condition it has spent its whole time with me in one of my cases and, apart from the one time I dropped it without its case on, it remains in mint condition after about eight years. My cases do their job very well from my experience.

The weather improved at times to offer wonderful views of Thirlmere but Helvellyn remained mist covered
A waterfall disappearing into a cave by the side of the lake
A second walk in Dovedale provided some lovely moments before continuing our long drive to southern England

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