M10 Camera Case



5.00 out of 5
(4 customer reviews)
Leather Colour

Black, Brown, Rich Brown, Tan

Lining Colour

Blue, Green, Red

With / Without - Screen Cover

With Screen Cover, Without Screen Cover

This hand made and hand stitched case for the Leica M10 is crafted from the best quality English leather.  The hides are sourced from J & F J Baker and Co Ltd in Devon, England.  There is a choice of black, Tan, Brown or Rich Brown for the case leather with the option of a red, green or dark blue leather lining. An optional screen cover is also available.


Your Leica M10 is a valuable tool that should be protected. Classic Cases Leica M10 camera cases give you full access to all the control buttons giving you freedom to use the camera to its full capacity whilst affording as much protection as can be given to this classic leica camera. Our cases not only look good but also add to the overall grip of the camera without the extra bulk of a built in grip. Hand stitched and hand finished, every case is unique and comes with your initials embossed on the base free of charge if you request it. There is also the option to have a removable screen cover for added protection.  

Additional information

Leather Colour

Black, Brown, Rich Brown, Tan

Lining Colour

Blue, Green, Red

With / Without - Screen Cover

With Screen Cover, Without Screen Cover

4 reviews for M10 Camera Case

  1. 5 out of 5


    Excellent quality stitching, high quality leather.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Leicaman (verified owner)

    M10 case was a great product along with the strap. Recommended

    • Paul Glendell

      Thank you for the five star recommendation martin, I am pleased to hear that you are happy with your M10 case. Enjoy the wonderful camera – Paul

  3. 5 out of 5

    Paul Glendell

    Here is a link to an independent review of the classic cases leica M10 case by William Fagan on the Macfilos Blog site : https://bit.ly/2K2hWFy

  4. 5 out of 5

    Louie Ramos (verified owner)

    This case is “just right.”

    I recently purchased an M10. As a person who is fond of leather goods, I found myself building a small collection of half cases although I’ve never been perfectly happy with any of them. In particular, I have a case made from leather you’d find on a fine purse. It’s meticulously made, but the overall feel is perhaps too flashy, too much like a fashion accessory. It tends to draw comments about how expensive my camera must be. Another case I have is the opposite; it feels like an old leather jacket, a bit loose and worn, but warm. I frequently get question about my “old camera” when I use it. Sadly, the slouchy fit is a bit too much, it always feels like it’s just about to slip out of my hand.

    Today I got my Classic Cases half case and it is really “just right.” It looks smart rather than ostentatious. It’s precisely fitted and made. The leather is gorgeous and adds just enough grip with minimal bulk. I feel that the feeling people get from the camera is important, particularly when taking pictures of strangers so I do value others’ reactions. Today I got the best reaction. Someone asked “Oh, what are you taking photos of with such a classic camera?”

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