Leica M10

Rich brown Leica M10 camera case
Rich brown Leica M10 camera case

The Classic Cases leica M10 case is a new design for me, it is the first case I have designed that has an 'open' back.  That is, no support across the back. Looking at the camera and after several attempts to make a case with a connecting piece of leather across the top of the screen I decided that the only way to create a case that worked was to do it this way.   The sides of the case are strengthen with aluminium to give support to the leather otherwise they would just sag and bend out of shape.  Inserting the aluminium between the lining and the outer case not only creates the required rigidity it also offers even more protection to the camera.  Needless to say the aluminium is well covered by the pigskin lining.  The case design was developed in conjunction with Mike Evans who runs the Macfilos blog site.  To see a review of the case on his blog please go to Macfilos

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