Hi Paul, the case is wonderful - and fits like a glove. Thanks so much - it's absolutely perfect.

Have a great Christmas,
Best wishes to you and your family.

Peter - Leica Q December 2015 (London)

Dear Paul
I would like to share with you my Leica Q with the case that you've crafted. It is looking gorgeous!

Thanks again for the great work!
Best regards,
Teo - Leica Q November 2015 (Singapore)

Hi Paul
The case arrived today. I'm very, very pleased with it: it's an object of beauty!

Thank you again
Leica M3
Carl - August 2015

The straps arrived yesterday and are exactly what I wanted, very satisfied. Thank you very much for your help, appreciated.

Camera Wrist Straps
John (England) July 2015

Thanks Paul for the 90cm strap. It works and looks great on my camera and very fast shipping and service

Braided Camera neck Strap
Dirk - Canada May 2015

Case arrived yesterday, and as always great craft.

Magnus ( Sweden )
Leica M-A May 2015

Hallo Paul,

This was speed delivery indeed with the case arriving already on monday morning the 9th. Even Amazon could hardly beat that.

The birthday boy was very pleased with his present. The high quality black leather halfcase fits the Leica M-P like a glove.

Many thanks

Best regards
Dirk ( Germany March 2015 )

Hello Paul,

I am sorry for my delayed expression of complete and total satisfaction with the M240 case that I purchased from you last month. It is simply spectacular ! My only regret is that I should have purchased a strap at the same time. So please find my order here correcting the error.

Thank you Albert - USA
M240 - March 2014

Hi Paul,

Just a quick note to say many thanks for the case - lovely - it fits great, really nice smell and finish! Glad I went for the open back case, I think it provides the right compromise between protection and accessibility.

Best regards,
Jonathan - Leica M240

Hi Paul

The beautifully crafted camera case I ordered from you arrived today.

I am delighted!

It enhances and protects my Leica and the added touch on the case "Handmade in England" suits me fine!

Thanks for your efficient service and skilful leather work

David - Leica M9

the case you made me for the Monochrom fits like a dream, thanks.

Geoff Heaton - Leica M Monochrome Australia

Hi Paul

Yes, I received it today. It is absolutely fantastic. Just what I was looking for. It really looks perfect on my M3.
It’s really great to have a handcrafted item for this classic camera and you have made a wonderful job of tailoring it for the older model.
I’ll send some pictures so you can see how it turned out.

I couldn’t be more pleased with my purchase.

David - Leica M3 case special order

Dear Paul,

A brief note to say I received the case and strap in good order. They are truly wonderful and a natural fit: I wonder how I shot without them.
Thanks again for your swift delivery and your best wishes.

Wishing you the same and warm regards from Shanghai,

Aksel - Leica M9

Hi Paul,
I just received the case - it's perfect! - so I immediately ordered the brown strap as well.
Rony Gerrits - Leica M6 Case

Hi Paul

Just to say thank you for getting the wriststrap out to me so quickly. I am delighted with the quality and it complements my new Leica D-Lux 6 camera superbly. A great product at a great price.

Kind regards

Hi Paul,

I am sending this email to thank you, at Classic Cases, for your excellent service.We spoke on the telephone a few weeks ago and I ordered a leather case for my Leica M9P camera using your excellent web site.

It arrived today slightly sooner than promised and I was delighted with it. It was beautifully made, very cleverly designed to protect all the most vulnerable parts and of course fits like a glove. The lining is soft and smooth the outer leather strong and protective.

Thanks again

Best wishes

Dr. George Shaw Leica M9

Hi Paul

Thanks again for excellent customer service. I received my classic case and strap just before the weekend and absolutely love it. Fits like a glove and looks very, very nice Superb craftsmanship! I´ll recommend you on any occasion!
Jarle Roine Leica M9 Norway

Thank you very much for my case which arrived in the post today. I am delighted with the fit, design and the quality of materials and workmanship. It is already a treasured possession!
John Dunbavand Leica M9

Craftsmanship is excellent, materials are too. The leather softens considerably in use and receives a patina quite quickly. Originally, the case had the same colouring as the strap, still has in parts, but turned darker nicely. The red velvet/velours doesn’t rub off, even when getting somewhat wet through rain.The case muffles the M9’s motor rewinder somewhat. Not mightily so, but two layers of thick leather take the edge off it. It’s still no stealth camera, but models I shoot candids of for the first time don’t get that why-do-you-shoot-me-with-a-chainsaw look anymore. This was the main reason I shipped for a half-case, plus additional slight bulk to better hold the camera in conjunction with a Thumbie or Thumbs-up
Sascha Erni M9 Switzerland

This is a beautiful, handmade, well fitting case, covering the bottom half of the camera and protecting it against hard knocks ........
David Torney M9 New Mexico USA


Hi Paul 
I Received today the goods, beautiful !!

Angel A. Martinez Gomez-E  M9 - Madrid Spain

Hi Paul,

Just a quick note to let you know the case arrived today and that it looks fantastic - well made and classy.

Many thanks,

Ian Leake M9 user Switzerland

the case did arrive and the work is of high quality.
I am very happy.

Thank you.

Bernard Bowles M9 user Austria

Mr Glendell,I received the case for my M9 today, and I must say that it was worth the wait.  It is a substantial piece of work that fits the camera very precisely and that is quite beautiful.  I can advise with confidence that the quality of your work and materials far exceeds that of one of your competitors, Artist and Artisan.  I have one of their half cases for an M3, and it is wispy in comparison.  Thank you for your fine work.  I’ll now need to see if I can persuade myself that an upgrade for the M3’s case would be in order.  Best of luck.
Regards,John S. McDaniel M9 user USA

"Hello Paul; The case arrived.  It is a work of art. Thank you, it took only three days to arrive"
Dr Howard Marcovitch, Toronto,  Canada.  M9 user.

 “The case arrived, and I've now used the camera fitted into the case. I'm very pleased.   The leather around the viewfinder doesn't get in the way at all, and the drop-down flap works well. Better than a detachable flap. The smell is lovely as you lift the camera to your eye! I like your logo type on the  bottom”.                                                                                                              Christopher Gadsden, Cornwall. England.  M9 user.

 “I have been using a half case for my M9 supplied by Classic Cases here in the UK for the past few weeks and I am delighted with it.  The camera body and screen are well protected and I feel confident in using my M9 on any assignment.  I previously used Leica's own half case protector but find the one from Classic cases much more rugged and durable.  Well worth a look”
Derek Hunter, Devon. England.   M9 user   derek.hunter193@btinternet.com

"I am extremely pleased with the M6 case I recently purchased from you. It provides the correct amount of protection without hindering my use of the camera - and it looks pretty sexy too! As they say, it does what it says on the 'tin'."

Brian Oliver M6 user England

5 Star review from Amateur Photographer

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